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"Songs from the Wood & Wire" 

"Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman". (Ludwig van Beethoven) 

Thank you for allowing me into your inbox once again dear reader – it’s time for Across the Water to put the band back together yet again; dust off the old repertoire and, yes indeed, inject a few new tunes we have been working on thanks to the communication possibilities of the Interweb and all its tangled roots and branches, and do what we love doing best – singing to you all!. 

Winter is finally leaving the land of the north (I kid you not – we had 3 inches of snow the last weekend of April!) but it really looks like we can get down to the serious business of Sprummer. You see we don’t really have Spring season in Calgary – the grass, shrubs, trees and all of nature’s wonderful variants have been patient for so long that, once the respite actually comes, they get down to the matter of growth, blossom and bloom all in the wink of an eye and ... ta-rah! Sprummer is upon us. Seven months of Winter (October through April), four months of Sprummer (May through August) one hasty September of Fall when everything sheds everywhere and ...... Pow! - the snow is back come October! Such is the Calgarians’ year! 

Our opportunities for play will unfortunately be fewer in 2013 than in the last couple of years, as my Southerly Sojourns will be abruptly curtailed in September when my right knee finally gives up the ghost and will be replaced by a shiny new one (really!) care of the Canadian Health Service. That will be hopefully closely followed by its partner – though I hope to craft a wee window between the two in December so that I can get down here to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season! Airport security screening will never be the same as I’ll be setting off all manner of metal detectors henceforth! 

So dear musical friends, please come join us if you can – it will be a pleasure to see you all again!

Here's hoping we can caount on your joining us on Saturday, May 11 to raise the roof: raise the temperature and raise your voices for the Houston Folklore & Music Society’s 

Second Saturday Concert – Saturday May 11th 

When ATW became an "international" band with Steve Goodchild's relocation to Calgary, we were concerned about the band's performing future. Happily, Steve has had enough occasions to be in Houston to join Bob and Paul for some gigs three or four times during the year. Our May Second Saturday concert is one of those times. 

Even having to operate across national boundaries, Across the Water has not been idle. They released their fourth CD, No Strings Attached, shortly after Steve's move to Canada, and their fifth, Live and Pickin', within the last year. No Strings Attached is comprised of all a cappella three-part harmony pieces, which turned out to be quite an ambitious recording project. "The thing about recording a cappella is that there's no place to hide -- no instruments to cover up your mistakes," says Paul. 

The week following the May 11th concert, Paul and Bob leave for England to meet Steve there to perform for the second time at the Chester Folk Festival. ATW continues to be known for their eclectic mix of original compositions, traditional English and American tunes, and carefully chosen works by contemporary singer-songwriters. They are also likely to show up with at least a dozen or so different instruments, changing the combination they play on just about every song. Join us in the merry month of May for Across The Water's return to Houston! 

Second Saturday Concert is presented by the Houston Folklore and Music Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of folklore and acoustic music. Homemade refreshments are available. Tickets are sold at the door - adults $15, senior citizens (65) $11, and children under 12 free with adults. Concerts are held the second Saturdays of each month in the West University Community Center at 6104 Auden (intersection of Auden. and Rice Blvd.) Phone Paul Cooper at 713-204-1207 (cell) or for more concert information. Visit our website at: 

... And finally ... 

If you'd like AtW to provide music and merriment for your special occasion - don't hesitate to ask, but do give us plenty of notice - our rates are competitive (well, we think so!), reasonable and flexible and all proceeds get ploughed right back into our recording efforts (i.e. into the next CD fund!); keeping the guitars, mandolins, bouzars, banjos and bass in strings & things and keeping our tour bus (ha!) in gas! So if any of y'all want three clean-livin' young (hmmm) fellows to play for your very own House Concert, or function sometime - just give us a call. 

Hope to see y'all there! 

Paul Cooper, Bob Lahmeyer & Steve Goodchild 

Across the Water 

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